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About Gin

It?s Origin??

After a concerted effort to clarify the history and origin of Gin it still remains murky. Some say Gin originated in Holland back in 1550 when professor of medicine Franciscus de la Boe was trying to concoct a cure to treat stomach complaints, gout and gallstones using the diuretic properties of juniper berries and stumbled on this wonderful infusion which he named Genever meaning juniper in French. Other reports say Gin was created by a Dutch chemist, Dr. Sylvius in mid 1600s. His intention was to invent a medicine that would clean blood for kidney disorders; he also named it Genever. In any case my hat is off to the genius who invented this fine spirit.

The Facts?

Gin is distilled from grain and primarily flavored with juniper berries. Unlike other spirits, gin doesn't have a qualification measure by age; in fact, based on the regulation, gin producers are not allowed to claim their product by age. Most gin is sold at 80 to 94 proof and can be made from any spirit alcohol of at least 96% volume. This spirit is from a base of either grain or molasses and has no flavor; the flavoring usually comes from between six and ten botanicals which vary from producer to producer.


About Martini?s

It?s Origin??

Again another disputed topic is who invented the Martini? One school of thought holds that it evolved from the late-19th-century Martinez cocktail after the town called Martinez; it was then renamed, Martini. Its original mixture was Old Tom-style Gin and sweet vermouth. Another holds that it was created in the bar of the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York City in the early 20th century where the ratio of Gin to dry vermouth started out at about 2 to 1, and it has been getting drier ever since.

The Facts

Unfortunately one thing needs to be clarified the word Martini should never be preceded by vodka, lobster or pomegranate. The original and only real Martini consists of Gin, vermouth & olives, period! Hey bartender I'll have a Martini no I would not like to see the Martini list just tell me what kind of Gin you serve.


About Cold Gin Productions

It's Origin?

What the hell does Cold Gin Productions mean? Rumor has it the president of the company was a huge KISS fan in the 1970s and named the company after their hit song, Cold Gin. It has also been said it was named after the 1920's Gin producer, Tommy McCullen who made Gin in his cold water flat on the Lower East Side during prohibition - hence the claw foot bathtub logo.

The Facts?

Most people prefer to name their business something that will hopefully attract customers such as Quality Cleaners or a family business name you can trust such as Rocco & Sons Aluminum Siding. Well not us, The production of making gin cold = a Martini. The drink of choice here at Cold Gin Productions.


The Recipe

Remove frosted Martini glass from freezer and garnish with olives. (Large Goya olives with pimentos are your best bet)

Fill cocktail shaker with ice. (Don?t worry about using too much ice)

Pour 1/16 of a cap of dry vermouth over ice. (ALWAYS pour vermouth first; if you pour the Gin in first then add too much vermouth you will destroy the cocktail and waste good Gin and we don?t want to do that!)

Pour a generous amount of Gin into shaker. (It?s hard to say how many ounces to use because I don?t know the size of your Martini glass. If it?s your first time use a measuring cup then eye ball the shaker and make a visual note for Martini Nº 2)

Shake the hell out of it! (Don't worry about bruising the Gin, it's a myth.) As soon as the outside of the shaker becomes frosty start pouring


Repeat steps Nº 1 ~ 6


Drinking Quotes

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."
~ Humphrey Bogart
(as Rick Blaine in 'Casablanca' ~ 1942)

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." ~ Oscar Wilde

"My Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle."
~ Henny Youngman

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